3rd Wedding Anniversary : Amor Vincit Omnia

Non posso vivera senza di te.. davvero ~~

This December 21, 2016 marks my 3rd wedding anniversary with a great man whom I proudly call Hubby. He is one of a kind, the once-a-stranger man who made his 10k miles trip only to see me in a real life.

I was more than Lucky that day February 5, 2009, you sent me a friend request and started a chat. I still can feel my heartbeat on the day you said you fell in love with me though you knew we were different. It seems like yesterday that we exchanged message "I'm fine" on our facebook walls.

Those days amore, I cherish them every single day...

Do you remember our first sight? there at the airport back on December 24, 2012. You in your professional outfit (like you are going to have a job interview :p) against me who wore a pink long-sleeve t-shirt. I was late though to pick you up, damn the traffic jam that made me lost some minutes to see you for the very first time.

That day was the most memorable day of my life. Finally, our virtual chats turned into real-life chats, eyes to eyes. I can't lie that day I barely could think straight, I was feeling I was walking on the clouds, so peaceful

"Thank you for coming!" I said half-screaming
" How are you?" you said half-whispering.
Our conversation was as awkward as bumping into strangers on the street and saying Hello...

In the car, I sang a song and I've made you laugh so hard for my not-so-awesome voice singing Nidji's song. Do you still remember the song tesoro? Ah, Don't mind that..

That lovely December we hesitated if we ever gonna made marriage happen due to our massive differences and such resistance from my dad but you kept saying to me, we'll make it.. if we don't understand each other, we repeat till both understand. For my family, you promised me to melt their hearts. You did.. You did darling and it was effortless if I may say.

There went our LDR, connected only by Whatsapp and Skype with sometimes a really slow internet connection, we kept going and loving each other even stronger till our marriage month.

Early December 2013 was damn hard for me and I guess also for you. We fought every single day over little things. I, as well, remember how I thought of giving this love-story up coz too much pain in fighting and disputing for something irrelevant.

We made it though, we made it to the day you held that Penghulu hand and stated Akad in perfection. One time only and people cheered on us.

I admit that I didn't cry that day, I felt sort of happiness and such relief but on the other hand, I felt scared of what life might be. Did you feel that too?

Love conquers all

Three years with you through hard times and bumps showed me what real love could actually do. Those dreams we have that shattered right in front of our face, made me realize how life can be so mean and painful.

We've lost them for the sake of Dario: money, house, car and we had to start all over again from zero
Nobody could ever endure these things I suppose, neither us that time. You and I were constantly stuck in the deepest sadness though our minds still tried to figure out what actually happened to us, to our lovely son.

Those diagnoses, those critical moments, those beeping heart monitor, those prayers, those tears, those cries, those screams, those sujuds, those miracles... I saw you crying so hard in that masjid, your prayers are longer than you ever did. I thought, this is it.. we're gonna make it. This is LOVE that made us stronger.

Thank you amore, Thank you for being with me all the time, for being shoulders for me to cry on, for being the only person I could count on when all people losing hope on me, on us.

Love will conquer all.. like the sayings. We keep believing that and we are living that way as well.

I love you endlessly..

Happy 3rd anniversary..
More miracles to come..

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  1. Astagfirloh aku kok jadi baper gini ya. Kuat amat ya. Ldr kumpulin duit buat nikahan.kuat hadapin musibah waktu itu. Ya elah kak, ada g sih laki2 kayak gitu lagi. Atau ku cloning aja deh ayah dario. Wkwkwkwk bercanda kak e.