Hard Rock Cafe Rome and Rock Shop : Collosseum of Music Memorabilia

"I immersed myself in books and rock 'n' roll, the adolescent salvation" - Patti Smith
Roman style painted ceilings in Hard Rock Cafe Rome. Copyright bittersweettaste.com

Rome. Hard Rock Cafe. Can a day any better than this?
I am not gonna lie, but I do miss sitting in a cafe or restaurant where I could feel rock 'n' roll. So back to my little family holiday in September, we visited lots of Rome famous spots which are for sure jaw-dropping enough and when it came to food, we know that we have to try such typical roman food and of course Hard Rock Cafe!

Hard Rock Cafe Rome and Rock Shop are situated in such a prestigious area: Via Vittorio Veneto, which is some block away from Tourist destination like Spanish steps. This cafe and rock 'n' roll shop are opened from 11.30 AM till Midnight (SUN-THU: 12.AM and FRI-SAT: 01.AM). The Cafe and Bar are pretty much in the same place while the rock shop is exactly next to the cafe. The rock shop has its own operation hour which basically like the other boutiques or shops' operation hours.

That day, when we decided to have lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, we came like half hour earlier than the supposed operation hour because we wanted to make sure we get seats (it was said that to get seats is quite difficult if you didn't book first or showing up earlier). Yes, sure, why not booking seats by phone beforehand, you said, but we tried to call and the line was so busy and when it was not, we couldn't really book because the person on the line spoke so strangely that we ended up in limbo (did you know that English with Italian accent is frickin' difficult to understand?)

So, yeah, we decided to just show up in front of the restaurant and make a direct book.
We were pretty much welcomed by a waiter who spoke a fluent American accent. He was so nice and kinda talkative which sometimes made us gushed. Fyi, restaurants across Italy are known for its well-mannered and kinda serious-styled waitress and waiter. They usually look so elegant, talk less but efficient enough and demand no tips, but here I guess it's more like the complete opposite (let's say it's American Style).

As we were seated, we looked around, wow, the restaurant is so freaking cool with those Italian painted ceilings and Corinthian-style columns. We could even see some music memorabilia from Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Van Halen, Elton John, Tom Petty and others (list of memorabilia, see here)

Main seats next to bar
There is Elvis Presley vest hanging on the wall, can you spot it?

David Bowie Outfit

Jimi Hendrix Outfit 1970

When it came to the dishes. Gosh, they were so tasty and delicious and spicy of course, that you might wonder "did they adjust their American taste to Italian taste because I didn't feel any". Italians are known for their gastronomic food which is so heavenly delicate and healthy, in some parts of regions, 'delicate' can even mean 'bland' and 'natural' that they don't season enough to maintain its original taste. They don't like food that is processed too much including those 'American deep-fried sort of things' along with the sauces. So, long story short, for us hard Rock Cafe succeeded in maintaining its American taste!
we couldn't wait to eat

Hubby is ready to eat
We ordered their signature dish though, and it came with great satisfaction.
For starters, we had Jumbo Combo and it was a pack full of heavenly good stuff: signature wings, tupello chicken tenders, southwest springrolls, bruschetta and onion rings, all served with homemade honey mustard, barbeque, and blue-cheese dressing.
Jumbo Combo. Copyright Hard Rock Cafe Rome
Dario's drolling

For the main dish, of course, we had those irresistibly Italian handcrafted Burgers: I got Atomic Burger while my Husband took Legendary Burger. They were so big and served with fries (I chose salad though)
Legendary Burger. Copyright Hard Rock Cafe Rome

For dessert, we chose Apple Cobbler and Cheesecake made with Oreo cookie pieces.
Apple Cobbler. Copyright Hard Rock Cafe Rome

Overall, I think I'd give 4 stars out of 5 to this Hard Rock Cafe Rome and Rock Shop. The food is excellent and so are the services. When you visit Rome, try not to miss this rock 'n roll experience!

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