5th wedding Anniversary : You are The Origin of Love

Love is a drug and you are my cigarette
Love is addiction and you are my Nicorette
Love is a drug like chocolate like cigarettes
I'm feeling sick, I've got to medicate myself

Mika - Origin of love 
Today, 5 years ago I married the love of my life. He is the best thing ever happened to me, and through hardest time, I realized he is the only shoulder I could cry on.

Each year on the anniversary day, I tried to make a special post, because why not? Love has to be cherished! Last year anyhow, I missed though, I must have forgotten or I had lots of things to do (medical appointments, therapies, rehabilitation etc for Dario)

My husband is pretty much the antithesis of what I wanted in men. I'd always wanted a dominating man, the one that could lead me to be a better person, partner, and later: a wife. I didn't realize that I undermined myself, I always thought women are inferior to men and they should subjugate themselves so the relationship could be 'perfect'. I was dead wrong, in order for a relationship to work, both sides got to have their voices heard. Men and women are equal, I feel sorry for myself that I used to see myself lesser than men. I am so thankful that I didn't end up marrying a man like what I wanted before, instead, I married a perfect man who always listens, cares and puts me on the top of everything.

"Hubby, I've got a terrible headache, can you make a cup of tea for me please?" I pleaded
"Okay," he said
Then he came with a cup of tea, a sachet of painkiller and a warm kiss. He massaged my head so I could feel better..

At one lovely Sunday Morning, as a night owl I always wake up later than the rest of the family (they're a 100 percent of Early bird), I found the sink was empty, and some brioche were ready on the table, and he said: "Would you like some brioche for colazione?"

Those are some examples of how my life is blessed, little things which got me faith that love is more than just words. Of course, we sometimes fight like every other normal couple in the world, but we always stick to rules: that we are not going to bed before settling everything, we are not going to be angry to each other till morning, and whatever happens, apologizing to one another is a must. 

Did I mention that we both love jokes? Tbh, I am a serious person but my husband is the complete opposite of me, a cheerful and fun person, I guess that is why I fell in love for him back then. Who doesn't love a funny and kind man right? Irresistible!

Anyway, Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary for us. Here are more years to come with lots of love, compassion, and laughter!!!

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