San Donà di Piave, Venice : Christmas Lights and Market

San Donà di Piave. Christmas time.

It's been 3 years we're living in this little city that belongs to Venice Province (Provincia di Venezia), but this is the first time we are able to visit its Christmas Market and have fun under the Christmas lights and trees.
Winter is kinda nightmare for me and I guess for all parents out there (especially special needs parents) because germs are everywhere and runny nose and kinds of stuff are nothing but a pain in the ass. It's easier to recount days without cold, cough and blocked nose plus fever. For Dario alone, I am super cautious for his immune-compromised syndrome and I have certain tips that I keep for myself and doing it every winter. Check my previous post: Winter Joy tips for special needs.

So, this year we have planned to go sightseeing at San Donà's Downtown which basically less than 2 km away from my house. Downtown at Christmas time can only be reached by feet, no vehicles allowed, not even a bicycle. Christmas in Italy is super special, every town (commune) across the country are having their own Christmas Markets and exhibitions. On this occasion, you could see lots of hand-made artisans things, street art and food, mini-concerts and etc. The pedestrian area is adorned with Christmas ornaments and lights. Each streetlight is accompanied by a small speaker that plays along Christmas Songs. At the Piazza, we usually can see a carousel merry-go-round and sometimes there is an area where you can go ice-skating.

In San Donà alone, this year we can see L'isola di Natale (Christmas Island), Villagio di Natale (Christmas Village), Christmas Market and ice-skating area. On 24th December that also known as Vigilia di Natale, we can see a mini-musical concert held by some volunteers. There is also a mini luna park: merry-go-round and mini train choo-choo.

L'isola di Natale is located by the town hall, the main piazza (square) of the city and stretched to the historic center which the Christmas market takes place.

The ice-skating area is right in front of the town hall and facing the real giant Christmas Tree.

Dario was awestruck seeing lots of lights and people, but he remained wary for the rest of the sightseeing (he was too afraid to try merry-go-round and mini train, but he liked the Christmas trees)

L'isola di natale San Donà di Piave 2018
l'isola di Natale

Villagio di Natale San Donà di Piave

Fabio and Dario

I was mesmerized
We spent like 3 hours going around to see some shops, exhibitions and the mini-musical concert. We saw lots of beautiful kinds of stuff for sale: hand-made dolls, handicrafts, photo frames, hand-made sweaters,  pom poms and shawls etc. Prices have skyrocketed though which kinda normal because on this very occasion (before Christmas), everything would be pretty much more expensive.

Ah yes, there were also street food stalls that looked so appetizing: Fritelles. Sadly, I am on my diet, so I skipped them this time...

The Christmas Market was so crowded

We had so much fun going around San Donà on Christmas Eve. We just realized that we didn't need to go far (like to South Tyrol) to see the famous Italian Christmas Markets, there are right next door.

Anyway, we still hope that one day we could spend Christmas and New Year's Holidays in South Tyrol, the mighty Italian Dolomites: Skiing, spending nights wandering around their Christmas markets and other fun things. We just have to wait Dario's getting bigger and stronger and can stand below zero temperature!

Dario and Mummy at the town hall

Can you spot the merry-go-rounds and the giant Christmas tree?

little things that make me happy

Christmas Village

So mesmerizing

Home isn't a place, it's a feeling. Here I am

Sky full of stars

The brightest star in the sky is you, baby
After all, Merry Xmas everybody. Send our warm regards to your beloved ones and families. On this very occasion, let's bring more kindness to the world.

All the joy and happiness for us all...

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