Dario's 4th Birthday: Time Flies

On January 20th, 4 years ago, I gave birth to the most handsome little boy I have ever met. The boy that shook my whole world, changed me inside and outside. I couldn't imagine how my life without his existence, he is everything and beyond for me.

So, after some months of blissful marriage, my mom started to ask when would we decide to have babies, she couldn't wait she said. My husband and I weren't actually really ready to have kids because we were kinda busy planning our Italian restaurant and the construction of the building was ongoing. But that time, I had a feeling that perhaps we had to try to conceive. In April my pregnancy test came out positive.

My pregnancy was a challenging one, I was having morning sickness continuously for six months. In the first month, I wasn't able to eat anything without vomiting. I barely ate, and for this, my chronic migraine came back and haunting me. I was nauseating all the time, even when I just smelled the food. I wasn't gain any weight during my pregnancy but my baby grew normally. My baby bump wasn't really obvious in the first and the second trimester, but in the third, it was quite big.

I should say, I didn't have any major sickness during the pregnancy and I checked to the specialist every month. In the 7th month, the doctor told us that my baby got some bubbles on his stomach and lungs thus we had it checked to the subspecialist. He said that I had 50 percent of probability of having a baby with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)

This news got me depressed, but my husband cheered me up and said that that was just a probability, not final words.

I was calm for a moment.

Labor day

A week had passed since the expected labor day, but I had no signs of having contractions. I was given a pill to stimulate the openings but none worked for me till they gave me a massive pill and I had a tremendous pain along with blood and the rupture of the amniotic sac.
That boy Dario Omar Casonato finally saw the world for the first time at 00.45 January 20th, 2015. I had little memories of his first cry, As I was still under the general anesthesia.

I delivered him via an emergency c-section.

I still remember the very first time I held him in my arms, a pure joy: Never did I imagine that a little tiny creature could really be responsible for such joy.

The happiest birthday to my little man, the man that forever holds my soul. I hope you are granted a long felicitous life and you could be the very best version of yourself...

Here are some pictures of his birthday

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