Early Cherry Blossom(ing) in Trento

Three weeks ago, we spent a nice day full of sunshine in Trento
We've been wanting to come back to Trento as it is one of our most favorite cities. Along with Treviso and Trieste, Trento has always been able to capture our hearts. Dynamic city by the mountains, surrounded by Dolomites scenery, plus it is a clean and friendly city. We can't ask for more.

Spring has come earlier too fortunately so we set a day-trip to Trento. We started in the early morning and packed some snacks and water because we were going to have a nice and pleasant long journey through the mountains.

It took almost 3 hours to reach Trento, the road was smooth and the view was as marvelous as it could be. This wasn't the first time we visited this city. We've been visiting Trento since 2018 and these numerous visits were always fruitful.

Spring is the best season to travel to the cities by the mountain. Cherry-blossoming scene, the perfume of those blooming flowers will blow your mind. Unfortunately, my husband is sensitive to pollen and during Spring, he suffered such a mild hay fever. Anyways, toward my love for Spring and flowers, he made a little sacrifice, that is what we call love, right?

We had a nice stroll around Trento and spent half days going to one park and the others. Sometimes all you need is a simple walk!

We didn't do anything really special except strolling around under the sun. For us it was a perfect day, especially for me, I love Spring so frickin' much!

We passed in front of Trento's famous castle and museum too but we didn't have time to enter. We're going to dedicate a full day to enjoy museums and sort of things on our next visits...
So magnificent!

I'll make a special post about Trento to show you how beautiful is this city, I promise!

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